Other services


Lease of storage spaces:
Directly on the premises of our company, we offer our customers the lease of electronically secured storage spaces (including 24-hour security guarding of the area).
Furthermore, there are several different versions of storage buildings from 10 m² up to 1,800 m² available for lease; each building has its own CCTV system which, for example, enables the lessee to remotely control the stocking of the warehouse. The storage spaces offered in Ústí nad Labem are only 5 km away from the slip road to the D8 motorway with direct connection to Dresden, and, according to the latest news, to Prague as well by the end of 2010.

Transport of parts:
We can provide transport of parts/materials to any place in the Czech Republic and Europe using our own fleet. We offer transport of parts/components by vehicles from our own fleet; we use standard lorries including semi-trailers, as well as a vehicle for the transport of hazardous substances under the ADR agreement. We provide worldwide transport of samples from suppliers to customers and vice versa from the respective manufacturing branches.

We choose the means of transport on the basis of the following criteria:
  • customer’s wishes
  • type of parts/materials
  • weight and cubature of the parts to be transported
  • loading and unloading possibilities
  • transport distance
  • requested transport time
  • lowest possible price for the customer
  Our fleet: under 3.5 t: RENAULT MASTER
      MERCEDES VITO (up to 7 persons)
    over 3.5 t: AVIA up to 7 tonnes
    semi-trailer: up to 23 tonnes

Assisted transport of samples/parts:
We are able to provide the assisted transport of samples from the production site to/from your customer (this is suitable, for example, when changes in production are being tested and approved), by the accompanying service almost all around the world. The part/sample/mould to be transported is insured against theft and damage caused by a third party during the assisted transport.

Based on your instructions, our trained worker is able to transport the component, sample or mould to nearly any country, unless it is in conflict with international treaties or other applicable legislation governing the transport of goods/finished products. This legislation is available upon request, and we can make an adequate and, in particular, very interesting offer in terms of the price of assisted transport compared to the high prices of world-renowned logistics companies (such as DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT).



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