Our company offers services predominantly for the automotive and electrotechnical industry.
We carry out: quality checks, minor repairs of parts, marking, sorting precisely according to the customer’s instructions.

Types of checks provided:

  • inspection of surface
  • inspection of welds and joints
  • sorting
  • marking (use of high-quality colour felt-tip pens approved in advance by the customer)
  • insertion into approved moulds and templates
with instruments
  • inspection of the surface of various cavities, holes or hardly accessible places (such as engines, shafts, cylinders, gearboxes, bearings or the walls of engine cylinders)
  • inspection of the inside of moulds, castings (using a magnifier, stereomicroscope, video endoscope)
  • detection of undesirable metal chips (using a metal detector)
  • measurement of lengths and angles (with certified gauges)
  • measurement of hardness on metallic materials, even on rounded surfaces
  • measurement of tensile and compressive strength, such as the testing of springs, testing of wrapped joints, measurement of the strength of joints in ceramic parts, switching of switches, breaking of fibres, cables or wires, peeling of crimped components, inspection of presses, plugging-in or unplugging of connectors, mechanical testing of computer components, measurement of ultimate breaking load, peel tests etc.
  • functionality test (switching of electric circuits etc.)
Types of minor repairs provided:

  • e.g. trimming, filing
  • removal of plastic and metal burrs
  • edging (cutters, scalpels)
  • considerate chemical cleaning, degreasing, polishing of surfaces
  • other treatment according to specific customer requirements

For minor repairs, we use, e.g., pneumatic grinding machines, bench drilling machines or diamond grinding wheels. Considering the location, we are able to depart for the destination specified by the customer within 60 minutes.

We will provide our customers with the possibility to perform all services in our fully secured facility with a stable storage temperature. Also, callouts of our workers to third-party workplaces including the possibility of using our own transport capacities are a matter of course.

After receiving the work procedures and consulting with the company’s management and the customer, our experienced staff are able to assess the effect and options of the requested services directly on the site of the performance of the work.



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